Wired for this.

Seeing that my first electrical work took place as a child, sitting at the kitchen table with my grandfather, you could say I’m “wired” for it.

As I grew older and continued to pursue the field, those early experiences fueled me. Fourteen years ago, I paired my hands on experience, my appetite for problem solving and producing, and my training to officially enter the electrical industry. During the next 10 years I gained diverse experience working as a journeyman and then a foreman, but eventually just got tired of people doing their jobs wrong and focusing more on profit than on people.

In 2013, that frustration birthed what is now Apex Electric, my dedication to the very values my grandfather instilled in me: persistent troubleshooting, careful creation, and the honest completion of a job. Today, my current projects bring me the same thrill as disassembling remote control car motors and building circuits did back then. We look forward to offering you the apex of electrical and customer service.